SEO Footer Links at the Bottom of My Blog

Right now I'm acting a little insane, creating web site after website. After discovering easier ways to get to the top of the SERP's, I decided to put what I know to the test and created about 10 websites targeting the toughest terms. I have no real plan for these rankings so this high-targeted-keyword campaign may not last long.

So to be honest with all my readers, I'm only keeping this blog up because I created in 2005 and it seems that Google recognizes all of its outbound links. I was talking about SEO then and I'll continue to talk about SEO now. I may even start posting more since it seems like every time I create a post, every page I'm linking to gets another backlink, FAST!

It's funny how much I've learned since 2004/2005. But it's also funny to see how much I've always known.

I've always known that the more keyword rich links I get pointing to me, the better my rankings will be. But over time you learn which links count and how links are evaluated.

My footer links: At the bottom of this blog, I have footer links that link to web 2.0 profiles created. I bookmarked many of my SEO pages in these profiles, that's why I labeled the links the way I did. But those links wont count for anything if Google can't find them or if no one else finds that page your link is on interesting.

So with this aged sub-domain (within blogger) that seems to somewhat have a little trust, I linked to my profiles linking to my other pages. This is a mild form of link tunneling. It helps Google find my links and it also helps verify my links. The real question is how much does it take to finally show up here? I'm GUESSING either
  • Certain amount of times the bots passes through a link to that page.
  • Certain amount of links it must past through to find that page.
  • Certain length of time from the first time Google found it.
Like I said I'm guessing.

Back to SEO testing...


Middle of the Night SEO

It was interesting to see that DP had the most users ever online at 4am in the morning.

Nice to see I'm not alone.

I guess that can be all the early bird eastcoast SEO's and everyone else in the world not on the west coast.

Ok, it's not surprising.