Proper Keyword Research is Key!

Today we are going to talk about keywords and how to choose them. No matter what the title of your blog is. Picking the right keywords can get you thousands of visitors. Inside your post try to say keyword phrases that probably get searched a lot.
But before you do that, you need to make sure that you're not picking phrases that another million sites are picking or real competitive sites got on lock.
Follow these steps to picking the best keywords for your blog.
1)Go to inventory.overture.com
2) Pick some keywords and record the amount of visitors type the phrases you picked in.
3)Go to Google.com and download the Google toolbar(make sure you pick advance settings)This will allow you to see the page rank of all the sites you surf.
4)Search the key terms you picked and check out the page ranks of the Top 10 sites.
5)Dont mess with the keywords that have websites with a lot of PR 6's and up. PR 6 and up sites have a ton of links and get a lot of traffic. Don't worry, we'll compete with them, but not just yet.
6)By now you should know what keywords you want to optimize and what sites you will be competing with.

In my next blog, I will talk about how the make your keywords shine through your blog.

If you seriously want to optimize your blog, you will need to put an extra hour into your blog atleast once a week.

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Search Engines | Ask Jeeves Vs. Google

Ask Jeeves is really still the only search engine on the net that uses human language
For Example:
If you type; "how to change your sparkplugs"
To Google, it's 'change sparkplugs' Most likely the number 1 sites are sites selling sparkplus or sites explaining what spark plugs are. But to Ask Jeeves, the question stands and you will find article relating directly to 'how to change your spark plugs'
Althought Ask Jeeves is the best for surfers with questions, Google is best for webmasters to rank well in. Only because Google counts for 50% of all searches on the net.

If you're #1 in Google for a particukar keyword, chances are you are ranked in the top 5 of all search engines. So Google will still be our main focus.

This is a Search Engine Optimized Blog

Blog Search Engine Optimization Is Back!!!!

Recently I had a blog title "Blog Search Engine Optimization" (blogoptimizer.blogspot.com) The blog was on its way to becoming a top search engine blog. But due to my post settings, the blog got filled with spam and Blogger deleted my blog.

We will still cover topics such as:
-Blog search engine optimization
-How to get your blog to rank in the top 10 of Google.
-Blogs Vs Websites Pros & Cons Compare & Contrast
-Link Exchanging
-Choosing & optimizing the right keywords
-Google Page Rank Alexa Traffic Rankings
-much, much more...

This is a Search Engine Optimized Blog