Using Images For Local SEO

Great tips for SEO's looking for a way to optimize their sites through Image Optimization. Also, a good business promotion article.Go to my profile; JameSEO and Digg my articles.

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I Finally Joined Stumble Upon

I been hearing a lot lately about StumbleUpon.com. It's a web 2.0 site where users are allowed to make friends like with myspace and bookmark websites like in Digg. It's good for traffic because you can get a ton of friends to check out your bookmarked pages. And it's good for SEO's because if you you can bookmark your site and get links from a major web 2.0 site.

Stumble Upon has a Google Page Rank of 8 and is ranked 293 in Alexa. The site gets tons of traffic with over 5,000 links on the net pointing to it. Try StumbleUpon out!


Video About Facebook's Worth

Rumor has it that Google is bidding against Yahoo & other major internet companies to purchase facebook
$2 billion is the where the bids are now.


I'm not a Web Designer; I'm a SEO: Keyword Architecture

I'm an SEO, but I recently got offered a job to rebuild a site for my client Miller's Carpet Care. I'm not a designer, nor do I fully understand HTML & CSS. But Bill was my SEO client and everyone knows content is key to great search engine rankings.

My job is to place Miller's Carpet Care on the top of Google for various keyword queries, such as "carpet care riverside". "san diego carpet care", "carpet cleaning san bernardino". This was my chance to build a very SEO friendly website.

I made sure I mentioned all the words through out the Title, Tags, Description & Content. Then I made sure every page had links pointing back to the home page with the keywords in the anchor text. Then I gave all the other pages some love by getting every other page to link to them with that page's keywords in those links.

By making sure your keywords are throughout the page, each page is getting a link with the keywords back to them & no broken links are in your domain, your site is ready for offpage optimization.

Just doing this got Miller's Website to the top 30 of anything relating to carpet in southern california.

Stalk a phone number with the Phone Number Geolocator

Google Maps mashup Phone Number Geolocator takes the first six digits of a phone number (the area code plus 3) and gives you a close approximation of that number's origin on a Google map. Google has been helping us locate area codes for a while now, but some area codes cover pretty large areas. The Phone Number Geolocator goes one step further.

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Current Client Search Engine Rankings

Ashley LaVelle - Horse Property Specialist - www.ashleylavelle.com
rankings are based on the avegage rank of each of these search engines... (Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL Quintura)

Keyword: horse properties in murrieta and Website: ashleylavelle.com
3 Horse Properties for Sale in California | Murrieta Real Estate http://www.ashleylavelle.com
4 Horse Properties for Sale | Murrieta California Homes http://www.ashleylavelle.com/personalinfo.html

Keyword: murrieta homes and Website: ashleylavelle.com
21 Horse Properties for Sale in California | Murrieta Real Estate http://www.ashleylavelle.com/

Keyword: horse properties for sale and Website: ashleylavelle.com
27 Horse Properties for Sale in California | Murrieta Real Estate http://www.ashleylavelle.com/

I started on this client May 24th 2007. She never had a page rank nor was she even in the top 100 for any of her keywords. Heck, she wasn't even ranked for her name!

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