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San Diego, United States (SEObytheHour.com - December 18, 2009) Former Fox News reporter John Mattes (investigativeguy.com) who is notorious for exposing corporate scams, getting beat up by insurance salesmen and chased off lots of criminal car dealerships has conducted investigations of various SEO and marketing companies in Southern California and has found a local San Diego SEO worth a GOOD review.

Online marketing is becoming a service all companies must consider as the consumer world shifts to the web. SEO is a very lucrative business that is growing fast and should be taken very seriously. Entrusting your business, sales, websites and money to an SEO company is very hard for most companies. "Sometimes you have to go undercover to find out how a company really operates and treats its clients" says John Mattes.

After months and months of interviewing, reviewing, calling recommendations and testing out services, John Mattes has chosen SEO by the Hour to be a hardworking and honest San Diego SEO firm dedicated to helping websites succeed. With every intention to improve a website’s online presence, SEO by the Hour provides professional marketing services ranging from search engine optimization and link building, to web design and pay per click management.

There are many factors involved in determining the best company to work with. These factors include experience, pricing, reputation, company size, reporting, effects of services, recommendations and more. You have to be sure you are getting charged fairly, and choose a company that will perform the services needed to have a successful campaign. You have to be confident that the money invested will generate a return. SEO by the Hour does a great job explaining what needs to be done, how much work is involved, AND can perform SEO services in an efficient and highly effective manner.

"When looking for real SEO specialists that will deliver results, consider SEO by the Hour." Says John Mattes of InvestigativeGuy.com & JCM Investigations.

John Mattes is an attorney, investigative reporter and tireless champion of the underdog. He’s broken many stories, big and small, but all ones that affect YOU. He tore the lid off ‘liar loans,’ gangs who’ve stolen mansions, and a phony veteran’s charity. He also took on the U.S. government and helped open the door to the Iran Contra scandal. Don’t mess with Mattes if you’ve got ill intent. Rust never sleeps -- nor does Mattes.

SEO by the Hour is a San Diego SEO company founded on the belief that every website deserves a fair chance on the search engines. If you feel you provide a competitive service and that your website is just as valuable as the 1st page rankers for your targeted keyword, contact SEO by the Hour. That goes for all websites, nationwide. What sets SEO by the Hour apart from other SEO companies is their dedication to excellence and commitment to tested white hat SEO techniques and offering proven SEO packages that help websites achieve top results naturally.
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Most link building "experts" and SEO companies only acquire directory and reciprocal links. However, even when done correctly, directory and reciprocal links alone will not fulfill the full potential of a competitive and robust link building campaign. Self optimizers, inexperienced SEO's and business owners usually do the poorest job of link building, simply because they have just enough knowledge to screw things up. Far too often we have witnessed amateur link builders erase high rankings and bury good websites by submitting them to the wrong directories or associating the clients' sites with 'bad neighborhoods'.

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