Blogging & Pinging

You see, if you set up a separate 'Blog' (which is just another website that is consistently updated) for each of your sites, and then post to each of those blogs on a regular basis, and then let the numerous Blog Directory sites know you just updated your blog each time you post to them (by Pinging them through the special systems they all have set up for that purpose), you'll have links to all your posts on Dozens of high ranking, high traffic, Blog Directory Sites!
And by placing links to your sites on your blogs, the search engines will follow the links on your blogs to your main site, and then start spidering them!

Why blogging with Blogger is best for search engine optimization.

To search engines, blogs are the most important. The have great articles, lots of traffic, part of a large blog web, many authors and they can be updated very often.

Take for instance this blog. It is part of the big blog called 'Blogger'. Blogger is one of the only sites (the only one I know of) out their with a Google Page Rank of 10. type in 'links:www.blogger.com to see why it's obvious why they got that. Google PR is almost all based on link exhanging.

My title is blogoptimizer.blogspot.com, which is still under blogspot or Blogger. So, every link to me is also a link to blogger as a whole. Blogger has over a million pages with 31, 200,000 links pointing to it according to Yahoo. No site has more links than Blogger.com. Not even Google, Yahoo, MySpace or MSN

Now this is where search engines come in.

The truest way to get indexed in a search engine is to get 'spidered' through another site. Site submission is Bs aand can take weeks before your page gets spidered.
The fastest way to get indexed is to get links from high page rank websites. Because how often they get search the spiders will end up at your page. This is getting indexed.

Because of Blogger this is very easy. If you build a blog with about 4 post and a link to your webpage, with in 48 hours you will be indexed by Google. If you get a link from from a PR6 site, it can take about 4-7 days, a PR7 site will get you listed within 72 hours.

Almost everytime any keyword phrase is searched, Blogger is being spidered. Because some site out there (about 31 million ) is linking to blogger and when a spider finds a link to blogger, all pages get checked.

Now, everytime you post a blog, blogger puts you at the top of the 'most recent post' list. So you have a big advantage at being one of the ones on top if a phrase relavent to your site is typed in. But remember theirs over 1million blogs, most of the time you are only on top of the list for 1 minute. Their's also other list like 'Page Rank', 'Keyword Content', 'Amount of Links' and so on.

What I am trying to say is, the more often you write relavent content to keywords you want to rank high in, the better chance you have at getting visitors.

So go post something on your blog now. and again and again ....even if it's just 2 lines or Bs, you can always go back and edit it and be right back at the top again.

This post was originally about the importance of blogs, but I got a little off track. Check out my next post for, why being a blogger could be more better than being a webmaster.