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I think that it's great Google actually tells everyone what your site needs to rank well in search engines. If you went through each of these topics one by one(with SEO in mind), you'll find your website on the first page of Google search. FOR REAL! SEO Blog San Diego - Google it!

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Fixing the Bouce Rate & Average Time on Site

Earlier this year I created a website for my parents; Little Lamb Land Christian Preschool. It was a 5 page website with almost everything you needed to know on the homepage. A few months ago the site was a strong #2 behing local.yahoo.com childcare page for the term "Preschool in San Diego" or any variation thereof. Over the past 2 months LittleLambLand.org slowly fell to the 2nd page. Keep in mind, I didn't perform any seo techniques this whole time. I have recentlt heard that in order to rank well on Google, you have to start looking at other dynamics such as average time a visitor is your on site and the bounce rate.

So I went into my Google Analytics account and checked up on the site stats. The bounce rate during the fall of the site was at a whooping 81.66% with an average visitor time on site of 3 minutes and 33 seconds.
I reviewed my other sites and found most of them had a bounce rate of under 50% and and a average vistor time on site of over 10 minutes.

I spent one night analyzing why the site was doing so poorly. I thought, I am mentioning everything the visitor needs to know about the preschool on the homepage. Everything from a map of the school, program rates, preschool's goals and more. Their was really no need for the visitor to surf the site, unless the visitor was extremely interested or bored.

So I decided that I should break the homepage out into several different pages. This would give the visitor more reason to navigate to other pages resulting in a longer vistor time on this site. Then my girlfriend brought up a good point about my extremely high bounce rate. She said "maybe when peole come visit your site, they immediately leave because the preschool isn't in their area. Therefore, I decided to not make it so obvious where the preschool in located.

I added a Google interactive map to a new locations page. I gave the founders their own pages. I added an attractive link on the homepage to the website's new photo gallery. I even made a separate page for the days the school will be closed. It's almost neccessary to visit more pages throughout the site to find out if Little Lamb Land if the right preschool for the visitor.

After making these changes, LittleLambLand.org's bounce rate dropped down to 37.50% and the average time on site went up to 9:35. This was only a few days ago, but take that Google.

Now, if only I could think of a way to up local.yahoo...
This will be much tougher, with Yahoo being a site with almost every preschool listing in San Diego with reviews, maps, and more. And I'm sure the visitor time on site is killing 9:35. I visited, it deserves 1st place. But can a preschool website ever rank number one for the term preschool in san diego over Yahoo's preschool directory?

If you know any seo tips for little sites competing with large directories, please comment this post.