SEO Specialist

What is a SEO Specialist?
A SEO Specialist is someone that specializes in search engine optimization.


define:specialist - a. A person who possesses in-depth and extensive knowledge of a particular area of study. Also subject-field specialist. b. an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning. c. A provider who has been specially trained in and practices a specific type of care other than general practice.

define:search engine optimization - a. the process of improving the amount of traffic and the quality of traffic to a website via organic listings on search engines. b. Creating and improving a website so that it will rank high in the search engines and help potential customers or clients find the website.

So a specialist is someone with experience in the field of their focus and search engine optimization is helping a site gain visibility through the search engines

That makes me a SEO specialist!

I focus majority of my time developing techniques that will send traffic to web sites through the search engines. I possess a great deal of SEO knowledge and experience, and you can tell based on my search engine optimization website that SEO is my main focus. I am SEO trained and have certificates to prove it. I know how to help sites rank well on search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN. I know how to help companies gain more traffic via the search engines. I'm all about SEO. I'm a SEO Specialist.

What Does a SEO Specialist Focus On?
A SEO specialist focuses on white hat on-page website optimization techniques and obtaining valuable backlinks from other sites. A SEO specialist helps bring out the best in a site by helping that site's content match phrases most people type into the search engines. A SEO specialist also finds web sites to back-up that site's content with links counting as votes. The main focuses of an SEO specialist is to make a website search engine friendly, match content up to targeted keywords phrases and to find relevant/matching sites to link to that content.

What Does a SEO Specialist Do?
A SEO specialist actually specializes in many things (despite the definition of specialist) to help a site rank well. Since a SEO specialist's job is to make websites SE friendly and to find backlinks, an SEO specialist has to perform various SEO tasks in order to achieve these goals. Here is a list of tasks a SEO specialist should be able to perform (if he or she is really a specialist).
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Content Writing, Copywriting
  • Keyword Placement
  • META Data
  • Robot Files
  • Site Maps
  • HTML & CSS Validating
  • Website Submission
  • Internal Link Architecture
  • .htaccess Files & Redirecting
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • press releasing
  • Article Submitting
  • Pagerank Link Building
  • Traffic Link Building
  • Brand Reputation
If your SEO specialist doesn't know these basic optimization techniques like the back of their hand, then you should consider leaving him or her. If they can't perform these techniques, you're better off ordering Aaron Wall's SEO Book and doing the SEO yourself. But if you are in competitive field or don't have enough time to perform these tasks, then consider a REAL SEO Specialist.

SEO by the Hour - Freelance SEO Specialist located in San Diego, CA. dominating the search engines with proven old & new school SEO strategies. If you are looking for a REAL SEO specialist contact SEO by the Hour.


Social SEO - A Few New Web 2.0 SEO Profiles

I spent a couple hours the other day going though a list of web 2.0 sites I've been meaning to check out. I went through the whole registering process and filled out as many sections as possible in order the test the full possibilities of these social networks. The main things I recorded were; do I get a link and if so is it redirected or no followed? How many members are their? What's the site's Alexa rank and Page Rank? And what types of media can I upload? If I found a social network that met my criteria, I marked it as a website I will spend more time enjoying and making the best of socially and SEO organically.

Here are a fraction of the social networks I just recently joined and plan to heavly get involved in.

Boomer411.com - This is a social networking site for baby boomers. Very active site with a growing amount of visitors joining everyday. I liked that I was able to have my own profile and bookmark sites that others submitted. Here's My SEO by the Hour Profile on Boomer411.

Blip.tv - If you have any videos, join Blip.tv. This site does a great job at making you feel like you have your own tv show on a tv channel with a faithful group of viewers. I started it with my Flickr SEO Video. I just like the fill of this site. Very fun, yet professional.

BuddyMarks.com - This is kinda like Delicious, but with less traffic and not as advanced. It's a personal bookmarking page. That's it! But, one thing it does have is followed links, unlike Delicious. And to me, this is muy bueno.

Dealigg.com - If you are an affiliate marketer that knows how to work redirects, doorways and/or link cloaking, this site could be one of your favorite sites to visit. Or, if you are someone that likes to find a bargain, this site puts a twist on classifieds and discount purchasing by adding a social aspect to it. They gave me a unique profile page that can be indexed by the engines. My SEO Profile Page on Dealigg.

Eyespot.com - I like this site all around. It's very fun to me because it allows me to upload all my media in one place and let's my friends comment and or tag them. Beside that, I get to create my own blog. To me, it's a cleaner MySpace which I plan on user a lot more of in the VERY near future.

Furl.net - Another Digg, Delicious, Magnolia etc. The difference is the whole layout and how they catergorize your bookmarks. It sets it up in archives making it easier to retrieve past bookmarks. As long as you can remember the day, month, week or year you bookmarked a site, you will have no problem finding old bookmarks.

Like I said, this was just a few profiles I've created and I have many more to go. Just remember to ask yourself one question once you create your profile. Now that I have a profile, how do I get Google to recognize it?

Here's a clue:

"Passing juice from established pages to new unindex pages by linking to them is a great way to help Google find those undiscovered pages WORTH indexing."