Link Building Expert Article - Backlink Building Tips

I just wrote an article titled "Link Building Tips for Obtaining Relevant Backlinks" in order to give a quick overall of a typical strategic and planned-out link building campaign. I cover various link building issues from what types of links you need, why you need them and some ways to obtain them. The main point of this article was to create a link titled "link building expert" that could possibly have the chance to be mass reproduced. (hence the title of this post and the anchor text to the article; relevance)

Here's a snippet of my link building article.

- Contact other webmasters and let them know about your site. These webmasters should be websites in your industry with a lot of visitors
- Notify forums. Every industry has forums. Letting visitors that participate in these forums know about your site can generate buzz.
- Find blogs in your industry with huge RSS subscribers. Ask them to review your site. Normally all their visitors/commentators will review your site as well.
- Convert all your text content to podcast using text to voice software (Or you can record someone reading it). Then submit your podcast to podcast directories.


Check it out and comment what you think.