New Hope for the Unemployed by the Investigative Guy

In October the national unemployment rate hit 10.3% this equates to approximately over 15 million Americans left jobless, many with little hope of returning to work in the near future. However perhaps there is hope out there a hope that has yet to be revealed.

INVESTIGATIVE GUY John Mattes has uncovered a federal program designed to give free gas cards to the unemployed but is a secret to those it's designed to help. The U.S. Labor Department provides millions of dollars in supportive services to the states for the unemployed. The program in some areas provides free gas cards, child care assistance and even pays for job interview clothing -- but the program has never been publicized so the unemployed don't know it exists or how to ask for it.

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Press Release: http://www.ibtimes.com/prnews/20091108/new-hope-for-the-unemployed.htm