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Before, the problem was Google. You could get your site to rank number #1 on Yahoo & MSn without effort, but you could never find your site anywhere on Google. Well, that was because when we first optmized you site, you did the mete-tag, keywords, title, decription & content. THEN you started the link exchange. It takes time for Google to find you links on the web, but once they find them, you'll find yourself on top of Google.

But, recently a lot of SEOd sites have been falling off of Yahoo. But at the same time, keeping the same (if not better) positions on Google & MSN. The reason is very very simple. Yahoo decided to take a different approach at searches. Now, they are looking for content that you can't find on other sites. Also, if you have a lot of ads on your page, Yahoo will much rather give those top rankings to sites with no ads and good content. So if your site rencently fell off yahoo or you just cant get ranked high on Yahoo, it's most likely because you have a lot of ads or not so speciaal content.


Little Lamb Land Christian Preschool in San Diego

If you are looking for a preschool in San Diego, consider Little Lamb Land. Little Lamb Land Christian Preschool provides quality child care services at an affordable price. This preschool is centrally located next to the 805 and 94 freeways and is literally 5 minutes away from downtown San Diego.

To read a full business profile or reviews of Little Lamb Land, please visit their preschool reviews page on Yahoo or their preschool business profile on Google.


Visit any of these preschool links
The administrator is Mrs. Sylvia Harrison. Give her a call at 619-527-4311. She's an awesome woman and child care provider! http://littlelambland.org

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I do search engine optimization here in San Diego. I find sites (or web owners find me)that get no traffic. I talk to the owners, work a deal, then help them get their site to the top of search engines.

First we schedule an appointment were I give you an inclusive report on what changes should be made to your site
-who’s linking to you
-how site looks to search engines (title, description, Meta tags, alt tags)
-who should be linking to you
-your page rank
-anchor text, link exchange
-search engine rankings for your site on all search engines
-alexa traffic rank
-best keywords for your site
-directories your site can be submitted to

-and I can answer every website/search engine questions you have.

Then, if you realize what needs to be done to your site and like what I can do. We set up a payment plan and I get you site on top of the net.

Wordical Productions | San Diego Youth Ministry

This week I just picked up a new site for my SEO services, Wordical Productions. We're going to get it to rank number one for the terms "San Diego Youth Ministry" & "Youth Group San Diego". The competition is moderate. I give it 2 months. Also we plan on getting their "sponsor" page to rank number one for "sponsor youth organization".

Today, I will optimize the pages and submit them to search engines. Then I will start a linking campaign getting as many links like this; San Diego Youth Misnistry, as I can on the net.

Then I will study the competition, do what they did, and much more!

Wordical Productions
San Diego Youth Ministry

James 619-251-2649
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