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my name is James Harrison. I am a San Diego SEO blogger. I specialize in search engine optimization and blogging. I not only optimize websites for search engines, I also blog about the latests trends, to capitalize on advertising dollars and marketing opportunities...

More on being a San Diego SEO Blogger;

San Diego SEO
I live here in San Diego, California (born-n-raised). I am an SEO freelancer. I perform various online marketing and SEO services for clients in order to help them achieve top search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo! & Bing. These services include meta tag optimization, link building, keyword research, PR, just to name a few.

As a blogger, there are a variety of ways to make money or a living online. You can get paid to review companies if you have a nice size subscriber-base. You can sell ad placement if you get a decent amount of visitors. You can promote products for companies and collect percentages. These are just a few ways a blogger can make a cool earning.

I have combined the best of both worlds; SEO & blogging. I have made it fun for myself to make extra cash, and I have learned all the professional ways to make SEO & blogging generate high ROI's for clients. If you are looking for professional help, check out my San Diego SEO website, SEO by the Hour. If you are just looking for good tips to learn SEO or more about blogging, stay tuned..